Conceptions Florida, Center for Fertility and Genetics
Conceptions Florida, Center for Fertility and Genetics

Donor & Surrogacy Services

Conceptions Florida has extensive experience working with patients who need donor eggs, donor sperm or a gestational surrogate. If the initial consultation or testing shows that a patient needs a donor or a gestational carrier, our nursing team will help you navigate the process. Though it may seem overwhelming at first, it is more common than you might expect.

Donor Egg

Donor eggs are used in many types of cases. Most commonly, donor eggs are used for women with low ovarian reserve or poor quality eggs. The quality of all women's eggs declines with age, making egg donation most common for women in their 40s. In addition, for patients who have had several failed IVF cycles, for same sex couples, or for patients who carry certain genetic diseases, egg donation may be the preferred path to parenthood. Anonymous egg donations can be obtained through an agency which maintains a list of available local donors and more recently through egg banks which provide frozen eggs. In addition, patients may use a known donor, such as a sibling or close friend.

Once the patient has selected a donor, our team works closely with you to create a treatment plan and perform the necessary medical evaluations. For the donor this will include a complete evaluation including mandatory blood testing, genetic testing, ultrasound and physical exam. Based on those results, we determine if the donor is an eligible match. If the donor is approved, both the patient and the donor will begin treatment together to coordinate the cycles and be able to retrieve and fertilize the eggs and then transfer the embryo(s) to the patient. As an alternative, fertility medicine is moving more and more toward using frozen eggs for donation. There are many benefits to using frozen (rather than fresh) eggs. Some of the advantages include not needing to coordinate the cycles of the donor and the patient, the ability to select a donor from across the country rather than being limited to locally available donors, and the ability to use the same donor in the future by reserving frozen eggs. We can work with you if you choose to use frozen eggs.

In almost all cases, donor egg pregnancy rates will be significantly higher than average pregnancy rates because donors must pass many tests and have "proven fertility".

Gestational Carriers

Gestational carriers, or surrogates, are used for women who cannot carry a pregnancy for medical reasons which make it dangerous to her health or even physically impossible. In addition, male same sex couples who are using IVF will need a surrogate. Surrogates are usually found through an agency and are paid a fee as well as all medical expenses. Some patients may use a family member or close friend. Once the surrogate is selected, we will perform thorough testing on the gestational carrier. The carrier's evaluation will include a lab work including cultures and toxicology. It is only once the carrier is approved that treatment begins. IVF is used to create the embryo, most commonly from the patients' own egg and sperm, which is then transferred to the surrogate.

Psychological and Legal Assistance

All patients using donor eggs or gestational carriers- as well as the donors and carriers themselves- must sign consents and complete psychological evaluations. We have professionals who work closely with our office and can perform these on site. In addition, we work closely with the best family attorneys to assist you with all legal arrangements. It is important to complete all the steps carefully in this process and our team has the experience to get it right. For many patients, donors and carriers provide the best path to parenthood. And Conceptions Florida can help you safely navigate that path.